The March 2020 edition of the Crystallography Times newsletter is online

Crystallography Times vol. 12, No. 1, from Rigaku Corporation, focusing on single crystal X-ray diffraction, is available from the company’s website.

The first edition for 2020 of Crystallography Times from Rigaku Corporation has been published and is now available on the company’s global website. Crystallography Times is the electronic newsletter published by Rigaku focusing on single crystal X-ray diffraction. It serves the X-ray analysis community by presenting the latest news and crystallographic research.

“Crystallography in the News” is a collection of the latest scientific news and developments. The current issue presents ten news items from around the world, highlighting the latest developments in protein and small molecule crystallography.    

The Product Spotlight in the current issue features the Rigaku HyPix-Arc 150° Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) X-ray detector for single crystal diffraction applications. A unique, curved detector, the HyPix-Arc 150° detector has the highest 2θ range at a single position available for the home lab, enabling 150 degrees angular coverage from edge to edge.

A recap of the first Rigaku Symposium and Workshop on X-ray Crystallography, organized in collaboration with Prof. Michael Shatruk at Florida State University, is presented. More than 70 students attended, including 25 from neighboring institutions such as the University of Florida, as well as the University of South Carolina and Mississippi State University.

The Lab in the Spotlight for March is the McLellan lab, part of the Molecular Biosciences Department at the University of Texas at Austin. The facility uses X-ray crystallography to study the structural basis of host–pathogen interactions. Staff at the university and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases published the CryoEM structure of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus CoVID-19 in Science (DOI: 10.1126/science.abb2507).

The book review for this edition presents Women in their Element: Selected Women’s Contributions to the Periodic System, edited by Annette Lykknes and Brigitte Van Tiggelen. Each of the book’s 38 chapters contains the story of a female scientist whose research contributed to our understanding of the elements as presented on the Periodic Table.

Crystallography Times, published quarterly, also includes an array of helpful links, including updates related to the coronavirus, along with a list of cancelled academic events. The Rigaku Oxford Diffraction user forum is also available, accessing discussions about analytical software and general crystallography. Readers can subscribe to the newsletter or view the current issue online at


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Rigaku HyPix-Arc 150°

Rigaku HyPix-Arc 150° Curved Hybrid Photon Counting Detector

Crystallography Times is the electronic newsletter published by Rigaku focusing on single crystal X-ray diffraction.