The Next Generation of Space Explorers Learns How to Follow in Neil Armstrong’s Footsteps at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Learn more about Armstrong’s roots in Indiana that led to him becoming an astronaut. Space exploration continues today with several astronauts from around the world launching into space and living on the International Space Station to work together on that research.

One small step did indeed become a giant leap for mankind that fateful day fifty years ago when an American astronaut first stepped on to the surface of the moon. The space race had just begun and the eyes of the world were glued to old fashioned television sets. Now, families and children have a much better idea of what space travel is like and they no longer have to watch it on black and white television screens. The next generation of space explorers gets to experience what it’s like to live, work, eat and play in space at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in an exhibit called, Beyond Spaceship Earth.

Beyond Spaceship Earth explores the work of today’s astronauts on the International Space Station. It was designed with input from NASA and former Scientist-in-Residence and astronaut Dr. David Wolf. It is an immersive exhibit that tells the dynamic story of space exploration from NASA’s Project Mercury program, which sent the first Americans into space, to the International Space Station (ISS). In the exhibit, visitors experience the real scientific work of astronauts aboard the ISS, both inside the space station and outside the airlock! Discover the future of space exploration that is being developed by NASA and partners like SpaceX. Exit the ISS into the all-new Schaefer Planetarium and Space Object Theater featuring a unique story about the relationship between science fiction and science fact. It is narrated by none other than Star Trek actor George Takei.

On July 20, 2019 The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will commemorate the success of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to put a man on the moon with a full day of special programs and activities to mark the occasion.

Families and children will learn about the historic day for space exploration and the resulting scientific advancements happening now through interactive demonstrations from space experts.

Neil Armstrong was the first human to step on the moon 50 years ago. Visitors to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will discover the science behind the moon’s surface and why Armstrong’s footprint still remains. They will create their own lasting footprint out of model magic modeling dough.

That’s not the only part of Armstrong’s story that will be told. In the museum’s permanent exhibit Beyond Spaceship Earth, families can also see the Indiana Astronaut Wall of Fame and find Armstrong. Visitors will learn about his connection to Indiana and how it prepared him to become an astronaut.

On July 20th, scientists from Eli Lilly and Company will share their recent project of freeze-drying medicines in space and analyzing the effects on the medications.


Other space-related activities include: 
·    Stare at the sun safely using a huge solar telescope from the Indiana Astronomy Society (weather permitting) 
·    Peak at the wonders of the universe through additional telescope demonstrations with the Indiana Astronomy Society 
·    Learn from two Eli Lilly and Company scientists about a new project taking place on the ISS 
·    Watch giant robot demonstrations from award-winning robotics teams 
·    Create a moon footprint, just like Armstrong 
·    Design a personalized NASA mission patch for the next era of space exploration, Mission Artemis 
·    Feel like a real astronaut in a space jumpsuit 
·    Put on space gloves and try manipulating tools the way astronauts do 
·    Show off your Apollo 11 space knowledge in a game of family trivia 
·    Win the Space Race in the STEMLab. Visitors discover the impact NASA’s math genius Katherine Johnson had on space travel as they calculate how much spaceship cargo can be carried to the moon and test it using special race car models 
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis encourages kids to wear their favorite space gear for the out of this world celebration.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Board of Directors would also like to thank our official partners—Riley Children’s at Indiana University Health, Old National Bank and Ice Miller LLP.

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Beyond Spaceship Earth at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

The Northern Lights are just one of the spectacular sights seen from space thanks to NASA video.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first walk on the moon with a full day of interactive demonstrations from space experts and learn how medicine is being tested in space. Also discover why Indiana is an important place for Neil Armstrong.