Thermal Camera Offers Group Temperature Screening with A.I. Facial Detection

TEquipment introduces Fotric 226B Thermal Camera for group detection of elevated temperature.

TEquipment announces the introduction of the Fotric 226B Thermal Camera which offers group temperature screening using A.I. Facial Detection for elevated or abnormal skin temperature.

The Fotric 226B is an efficient and streamlined solution designed to simplify the task of temperature monitoring and identifying subjects displaying abnormal readings. This product can be used to screen large groups of people simultaneously. Through its powerful A.I. face detection module, the Fotric 226B is able to automatically detect and screen individuals as they pass through its field of view. Check out this video to see it in action.

With a detection range of 2.6 to 10.5 feet, personnel are able to obtain accurate readings while adhering to social distancing requirements. The Fotric 226B can be placed at the head of a queue and will alert personnel when its temperature alarm has been triggered.

The Fotric 226B comes with the manufacturer’s WLIR software package as a standard item. WLIR has a built-in A.I. facial detection module, which automatically locks onto faces in the camera‚Äôs view for temperature measurement. It will also intelligently shield non-facial sources of high temperature. The WLIR has a built-in skin temperature calibration algorithm which automatically adjusts based on environmental conditions. This helps prevent false positives from fluctuations in morning and evening temperature. The WLIR software can also automatically count the number of screened personnel and suspected abnormal skin temperature alarms.

Highlighted features of the Fotric 226B include: 

  • Automatically locks face temperature to prevent false alarms
  • A.I.-based face detection
  • Intelligent temperature calibration algorithm to prevent false negatives
  • Screen and alarm statistics
  • Automatic temperature alarm
  • Automatic photo of detected person with abnormal skin temp

The Fotric 226B is now available from TEquipment

Please note, these products are designed to screen temperature. They cannot be used to detect or diagnose COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Automatic snapshot when abnormal body temperature is detected

Automatic snapshot when abnormal body temperature is detected

Personnel can obtain accurate readings while adhering to social distancing requirements with a detection range of 2.6′ – 10.5′.

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