Tran & Associates Donates Patent Services for Innovative Inventions to Stop Covid-19

To encourage innovative solutions against COVID-19, Tran & Associates announces grants on patent application preparation fees in support of up to ten top ideas that address shortages in medical supplies, diagnostics, telemedicine, and treatments.

As the world scrambles to handle the huge wave of COVID-19 infections, urgent needs arise for medical supplies, diagnostics, and treatments. Shortages of such supplies are plaguing hospitals and care-givers, putting the lives of patients and medical professionals at risk.

Tran & Associates supports the fight against COVID-19 and encourages every-day citizens to apply their ingenuity to this global pressing problem. To support innovative solutions in this trying time, until May 5, 2020, we will provide grants covering patent preparation professional fees for up to ten best ideas that solve shortages in medical supplies, diagnostics, telemedicine, and treatments. We also recommend that inventors download and use free provisional patent application filing software at, a 501c3 non-profit, which can supplement inventor help resources and other publications at the USPTO. Inventors can also view “how-to” videos at our Youtube Channel that answer basic questions such as how to patent an idea, how to patent a product, how much does a patent cost, what is a patent, how to patent, and how to search patents, among others.

The COVID grant continues the Tran & Associates tradition of giving back, as we have also donated our resources to non-profits and other volunteer organizations.

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Tran & Associates

“Human ingenuity is the best thing we have in the fight against COVID-19.”