UNITRON Ltd. Lands Master Distribution Agreement With Luxo Corporation

UNITRON LTD. secures exclusive North American distribution of Luxo designer office workspace lighting. Luxo task light models include the Ovelo, 360, Ninety, Split, Trace and the classic L-1.

UNITRON Ltd., a leading provider of high quality, precision instruments for electronics, industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research and educational applications, announces a new master distribution agreement with Luxo Corporation (“Luxo”), a subsidiary of the Glamox Group. Effective August 15, 2019, UNITRON assumes exclusive distribution rights to the Luxo brand of designer office luminaires throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru.

The distribution agreement includes well-known Luxo products from the feature-packed and highly ergonomic 360, Ovelo, Split, Trace and Ninety models to the classic L-1 model. “The market for functional, high-design office lighting has never been stronger. Luxo is world renowned for cutting-edge designs, high reliability and pioneering features including asymmetric illumination,” said Rich Greenberger, Vice President & General Manager for the newly created Contract Lighting Division at UNITRON. “I am delighted to join the UNITRON family and excited to focus my efforts on supporting the growing Luxo office workspace lighting line.”

Virginie Ducasse (UNITRON Sales Support Manager for Luxo Products) will provide assistance to the product distribution channel and existing Luxo customers. Luxo will continue to develop and manufacture leading edge Luxo illumination products to the acclaimed standards for which they are known.

Beginning August 1, 2019, purchase orders should be placed directly with UNITRON. Purchase orders may be sent via email to luxo(at)unitronusa.com. All product questions and requests for quotation should be directed to Rich Greenberger (rich.greenberger(at)unitronusa.com; 312-519-8355) or Virginie Ducasse (virginie.ducasse(at)unitronusa.com; 631-543-2000 x235).

UNITRON specializes in high quality, precision instruments for industrial, clinical, life science, research and educational applications. Since 1952 UNITRON’s microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in companies such as Intel, BAE Systems, ITT, GE, Williams Co., DuPont, Lockheed Martin, 3M, Alcoa, MIT, Raytheon, Sony, Texas Instruments, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, and the Mayo Clinic. Manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards, our products are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors. Visit us at http://unitronusa.com/.

Luxo is world renowned for cutting-edge designs, high reliability and pioneering features including asymmetric illumination.