Velociti Named Preferred Installation Provider by Platform Science

Velociti to provide deployment services to be provided for Platform Science enterprise IoT fleet management technology.

Velociti Inc., a global provider of technology design, deployment and support services, today announced it has been named by Platform Science, an enterprise IoT fleet management platform, as the preferred provider of installation services for Platform Science’s connected vehicle technology. Velociti will manage the installation of the Connected Vehicle Device (CVD), all-in-one antenna, tablet, and tablet dock for Platform Science’s enterprise fleet customers.

“We have vetted many project management and installation services vendors to help with large scale, rapid rollouts and Velociti rises to the top all the time,” said Jeff Hall, VP customer support/field engineering at Platform Science. “With Velociti, Platform Science knows our solutions will be deployed correctly, professionally and rapidly to maximize customer satisfaction and ROI, and that they will back up their work. That is what we are looking for in a quality partner and what we have with Velociti.”

The Platform Science solution is comprised of a CVD for connectivity and data, an admin web portal for fleet managers, and mobile devices for drivers that give them access to compliance, safety, and productivity applications. The CVD turns the vehicle into an IoT hub, which enables real-time data computing at the edge (i.e. on the vehicle). This also allows all devices on a vehicle to communicate and be unified under a single data plan. Connections are made during the installation to the vehicle data bus to enable real-time monitoring of critical events and key performance metrics.

“Platform Science understands that a successful deployment begins with a knowledgeable full-time staff of certified technicians, project and account managers and call-center support personnel who understand their technology,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti. “We are proud to be working with them to deploy their Connected Vehicle Device effectively so their technology can quickly have a positive impact on their customers’ businesses.”

About Platform Science 
Founded in 2014, Platform Science replaces legacy telematics solutions with a revolutionary IoT ecosystem designed to unlock the value of disconnected data streams throughout the transportation and logistics industry. Partnering with industry leaders across the supply chain, Platform Science has developed tools that provide first-of-their-kind solutions to today’s problems, and an unlimited canvas to innovate and create new solutions as our customer’s needs, business, and industries evolve. At a time when both regulation and innovation are causing change at a pace never seen before, Platform Science was built to arm its customers with the tools to compete with change, and come out ahead. For more information, visit

About Velociti Inc 
Velociti is a global provider of technology deployment services specializing in the installation and service of a broad range of transportation and networking technology products. Velociti’s experience allows enterprise level technology consumers to maximize ROI as a result of leveraging expert, rapid deployment. Velociti clients include many Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of market segments such as transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food service and public venues. For more information visit or call toll free (855)-233-7210.

Velociti technician installs Platform Science device in truck


We have vetted many project management and installation services vendors to help with large scale, rapid rollouts and Velociti rises to the top all the time.