Virescent Granted Health Canada Cannabis Research License for Sensory Evaluation and Sensory-Based Consumer Research with Human Subjects

Virescent Analytics Inc. (“Virescent”), the emerging North American leader inthird-party sensory and sensory-based consumer testing of cannabis and products containing cannabinoids, ispleased to announce that it has secured a research license from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

The research license is effective immediately and enables Virescent to better support the needs of its new and existing clients in the cannabis industry through sensory and consumer focused product development, quality control, competitive benchmarking and understanding of current product performance. Sensory evaluation is a fundamental scientific discipline used throughout the food and beverage industry to evoke, measure, analyze and interpret human reactions to stimuli perceived through the senses: smell, sight, touch, and taste. Sensory-based consumer research builds on these fundamentals to conduct research with users or potential users of products and services to collect their opinions on concepts, products and services. Using these approaches, Virescent is now able to conduct controlled human administration trials of dried cannabis, cannabis extracts and concentrates, distillates, oils, edibles, topicals, terpenes and delivery systems at its licensed locations in Brampton, ON, North York, ON andLongueuil, QC.

“After more than a year of proving that we have the proper protocols to ensure the safety of our participants, and the security of client products, this license enables Virescent to aid our clients in creating and validating appealing and quality products for human consumption,” said Michael Capp, President, Virescent Analytics Inc. “Third-party sensory and consumer testing gives our clients a competitive edge. We know this from over 30 years of experience offering the same services to food, beverage, alcohol, tobacco and other consumer-packaged goods companies.”

Virescent researchers maintain active memberships in both the Society of Sensory Professionals (“SSP”) and the American Society of Testing Materials (“ASTM”) and are committed to the development of testing methodologies and standards applicable to cannabis and products containing cannabinoids. Virescent is a leader in uncovering, measuring, analyzing and interpreting the multiple variables that influence consumer preference. Using scientific sensory testing data, obtained in accordance with international standards, research conducted by Virescent will play an integral role for our clients in developing and validating innovative products so that consumers have real, safe and desirable choices in the marketplace.

About Virescent:

Founded in 2018 by a team with over 30 years’ experience conducting: 

  • Sensory research of food, beverage, personal and household care, alcohol and tobacco products
  • Central location and home usage testing with consumers
  • Packaging and pricing studies
  • Trained panel descriptive profiling, discrimination, quality and shelf-life studies
  • Research projects in Canada, the United States and international markets
  • Qualitative research including focus groups, ideation sessions, one-on-one interviews, ethnographies and other participant observations, and content analysis

For further information, please contact:

Virescent Analytics Inc. 
Michael Capp, President 
905-456-0783 ext. 242 
[email protected]