Visikol at Society of Toxicology 2020 at Booth #663

This year marks Visikol’s fifth year attending SOT as an exhibitor and the focus for the company this year will be on its 3D cell culture assays for modeling toxicity as well as organ specific diseases such as NASH. The Visikol team will be at booth #663 throughout the conference and will have several talks and posters.

When Visikol first attended the SOT show back in 2016, the field of 3D cell culture was relatively nascent with many academic posters surrounding the subject but only a few commercially oriented presentations. However, over the last few years this field has dramatically evolved wherein most major pharmaceutical companies are now employing 3D cell culture models for use in toxicity screening and investigational toxicology. During this period of time, many new technologies for generating and assessing 3D cell culture models have been launched and with their introductions the barrier to adopting 3D cell culture models has been significantly reduced.

“It has truly been exciting to see this field grow so rapidly and for traditional slower moving pharmaceutical companies to readily adopt these new models in almost all aspects of their in vitro studies. I think this rapidity of adoption really speaks volumes to the benefits of 3D cell culture models in comparison to their traditional 2D counter parts,” described Visikol CSO Dr. Tom Villani.

As a company, Visikol came to the 3D cell culture field from the outside where the team at Visikol was originally working to assist pharmaceutical companies in charactering these models through the use of its Visikol HISTO-M technology combined with advanced 3D imaging. However, over time Visikol has amassed a wealth of experience in this space and is now a leader in end-to-end 3D cell culture assay services as well as their characterization using its advanced imaging tools which allow Visikol to address complex research questions and to get the most from these models.

At this year’s conference, the Visikol team will be presenting two exhibitor hosted sessions and a poster:


Image-Based Quantification of Bile Canalicular Alteration in HepaRG Culture for Prediction of Drug-Induced Cholestasis. 
Poster 1969/P276 
Author: Solenne Martin 
Session Title: Liver II Time: 3/17/2020 2:15 PM to 3/17/2020 4:30 PM

Exhibitor Hosted Sessions


Assessing Fibrosis Amelioration Associated with NASH through High Content Imaging and an Advanced Liver 3D Cell Culture Model 
Session Description: 
An in vitro model capable of simulating NASH is crucial to developing best-in-class therapeutics for slowing and reversing the progression of this disease. This presentation describes a best-in-class assay that combines liver 3D cell culture models with high content imaging to quantify the amelioration of NASH progression. 
Date: 3/17 
Time: 10:30 AM-11:30 AM 
Room Assignment: 205A

Building Consensus in the Liver 3D Cell Culture Field Through Open Source Models

Session Description: 
In this session, Visikol will discuss how it has developed open source liver 3D cell culture models for use in routine toxicity studies that are tailored for specific research questions such that the ideal cost, throughput, and validation requirements are met.  

Date: 3/11 
Time: 09:00 AM-10:00 AM 
Room Assignment: 339

About Visikol 
Visikol is a CRO focused on advanced drug discovery that is leading the fields of bio-imaging, bioinformatics and image analysis. We conduct end-to-end drug discovery services that include both 2D and 3D in vitro models and assays, 3D whole mount tissue imaging, digital pathology and custom drug discovery projects. Visikol offers a portfolio of drug discovery services ranging from 2D and 3D cell culture model and assay development to in vitro screening, animal tissue histology and automated image processing. The focus of these services is to transform tissues into images and ultimately into quantitative data sets that can be mined for actionable insights that help our Clients make more informed decisions during the drug discovery process. Additionally, Visikol manufactures and sells a suite of tissue clearing reagents and 3D immuno-labeling kits. These products allow researchers to easily and rapidly image whole tissues and 3D cell culture models in 3D instead of traditional 2D sectioning. For more information about Visikol or its services, please visit our website at