Vyasa Analytics, the Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider, Joins Pistoia Alliance

Membership will broaden the company’s connections in healthcare and life sciences fields.

Vyasa Analytics, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep-learning A.I. analytics software, today announced its membership in the Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit organization empowering healthcare and life sciences organizations to work together to lower the barriers to research and development (R&D) and discover breakthroughs in their fields.

Vyasa is focused on the application of its innovative deep learning A.I. software solutions for text and image analytics in the life sciences and healthcare verticals. Vyasa’s secure, highly-scalable deep learning software, including Layar, Synapse and Cortex, allows clients to build advanced, secure data fabric architectures and apply deep learning analytics to text, image and related content to help enable better utilization of enterprise “dark data” for decision making and business efficiency gains.

“The Pistoia Alliance is one of the main drivers behind the data and analytics conversation in the life sciences space, and we could not be more excited to join in on that conversation,” said Dr. Christopher Bouton, founder and CEO of Vyasa. “We believe our expertise in the development and application of deep learning A.I. along with the collaborative, pre-competitive nature of the Alliance will allow us to apply technological advances and breakthroughs more seamlessly than ever before.”

Within the alliance, Vyasa plans to prioritize projects geared towards image and text analytics as related to a wide range of use cases including drug repositioning, competitive intelligence, legal research, EHR analytics, compliance/fraud detection, crystal morphology classification for formulation and business development.

“We are very pleased to welcome Vyasa into The Pistoia Alliance and look forward to working with them to achieve our goal of lowering barriers to innovation in the life science industry. The world of life sciences R&D continues to change rapidly – and sharing, partnering and collaborating will be essential to increased innovation. As our membership continues to grow, our projects and initiatives will be vital in fostering this collaborative mind-set and leading to new breakthroughs,” commented Dr Steve Arlington, President of The Pistoia Alliance.

To learn more about Vyasa, visit https://vyasa.com/.

About Vyasa Analytics 
Vyasa Analytics provides highly scalable deep learning software and analytics. Our technologies enable organizations to ask complex questions across large scale data sets and gain critical insights to make better business decisions.

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