Weather Source Unveils its Looker Weather Data Block

Customers can now seamlessly integrate weather and climate data into their Looker dashboards

Weather Source, the leader in providing weather and climate technologies for business, is now offering its analytics-grade weather and climate data in the form of a Looker Block. Looker Blocks are pre-built templates of code users can leverage to accelerate the time-to-value of their analytics.

As a member of the Looker Partner Network, Weather Source plays a critical role in the program’s mission to empower individuals and companies by offering data that enables business insights across organizations at every scale. Through this collaboration, Weather Source and Looker allow customer employees from a variety of departments access to robust weather and climate data with which to conduct analysis and act in real time.

Weather Source’s Looker Block features the company’s entire dataset, which is a curated continuum of historical (from the year 2000), present, forecast (out to 46 days), and climatology weather data. The dataset covers every landmass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore.

“Weather Source is thrilled to add more value to the Looker Partner Ecosystem, as Looker’s philosophy of empowering businesses through data aligns perfectly with our mission to make hyper-local weather and climate data accessible across industries,” said Weather Source CEO Mark Gibbas. “Our weather data is ideally suited for Looker’s plug-and-play Block method because it is accurate, reliable, and ready for immediate analysis.”

The free version of Weather Source’s Looker Block includes sample weather data consisting of two years of historical data, forecast data out seven days, and climatology data—all in daily format for 10,000 random U.S. ZIP codes.Those who access the premium Block can apply hyper-local solutions tailored to the points of interest most relevant to their businesses—from lat/lon coordinates to geographically bounded areas such as ZIP or Postal Code, designated market area, metropolitan statistical area, and more.

Weather Source’s Looker Block can reveal meaningful observations for a variety of industries. For example: retail and food service companies can analyze weather’s effects on product sales and footfall traffic; finance organizations can optimize trade signals; energy providers can anticipate potential changes in demand; and much more. Nearly every industry has some degree of weather sensitivity.

“Looker is focused on infusing data experiences into the day-to-day workflows of all workers,” said Shohei Narron, Technology Partner Manager at Looker. “Weather Source’s Looker Block allows customers to get further faster by leveraging the foundational work Weather Source meteorological experts have already done with regard to analytics-grade weather and climate data. Our customers can then customize this data to their precise business needs.”


The Weather Source Looker Block can be accessed at:

Our weather data is ideally suited for Looker’s plug-and-play Block method because it is accurate, reliable, and ready for immediate analysis.