Weight Loss Surgery Improves Health, Quality of Life while Highlighting Need for Better Understanding of Obesity, says West Medical

The Southern California healthcare group comments on a recent article that, while a person’s body is their own business, weight loss surgery can help those struggling with obesity live a healthier and happier life.

An October 2 article on Wicked Local Framingham reported on the story of a woman who underwent a successful weight loss surgery nearly 20 years ago; she lost over 100 pounds and has remained petite ever since. Nevertheless, she says she still bears traces of the years of schoolyard bullying and adult fat-shaming she endured prior to her procedure. Southern California healthcare group West Medical says that obesity is a complicated issue many people who do not struggle with weight problems may have difficulty understanding. The healthcare clinic adds that everyone deserves to both be treated with respect and to feel confident in their own body, no matter their size. At the same time, obesity remains a serious health and quality of life problem that is extremely hard to conquer without assistance. Fortunately, for those looking to slim down significantly, weight loss surgery can help patients defeat obesity once and for all.

Most people – particularly those who engage in fat-shaming – misunderstand how intractable severe obesity is as a condition, says West Medical. The reason is that nature is committed to keeping people at their current weight – whatever that is. The clinic notes people with weight issues tend to produce more of certain hormones that give them larger appetites than thinner people. The weight loss center says that, when people begin to eat less as they attempt to lose weight, the body reacts as if a food shortage may be imminent and produces even more of the hormone; it only gets worse for as long as the patient is able to continue losing weight.

Procedures like a gastric sleeve, says the clinic, reliably solve the weight loss conundrum as they remove the majority of the stomach. A smaller stomach, says the clinic, makes overeating uncomfortable, reducing the appetite. It also appears that permanently removing 75%-85% of the stomach restricts the production of hunger hormones, so the urges that make patients want to overeat in the first place are greatly reduced. Defeating obesity with a sleeve surgery, says West Medical, is far less difficult.

The Southern California clinic comments that people who are not regarded as severely obese may not qualify for weight loss surgeries, but there are an increasing number of powerful nonsurgical options. West Medical now offers a leading-edge procedure known medically as the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). Also called an accordion procedure, an ESG sews accordion-like folds into the stomach, which result in a smaller capacity and a smaller appetite, West Medical says. It adds that also offers all of the most popular gastric balloon procedures. As the name implies, these procedures reduce the stomach’s capacity for approximately six months by placing a balloon-like sphere in the stomach, significantly reducing the appetite and giving weight loss efforts a significant jumpstart.

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Obesity remains a serious health and quality of life problem that is extremely hard to conquer without assistance.