Biocompare Collaborates with GE Healthcare Life Sciences to Create Next-Gen Sequencing Information Source

In collaboration with GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Biocompare has re-launched its next-generation sequencing (NGS) content hub called Future Lab: Trends in Next-Gen Sequencing. The new version of this indispensable information source features all new content, including the latest news and information, the biggest trends, and the most significant NGS-related breakthroughs.

With GE Healthcare Life Sciences as its new sponsor, Trends in Next-Gen Sequencing will deliver the essential information scientists need to advance their research—including insights on the past, present, and future of NGS and its applications as well as the guidance and resources necessary to improve sample prep and library prep workflows.

Future Lab is an interactive information resource designed to showcase the latest breakthroughs, trends, news, and products within specific scientific niches. Since their launch four years ago, Future Lab content hubs have become invaluable resources for life scientists around the world. The hubs are updated weekly, and regular alerts drive engagement with registered users.

“We are really excited to have developed this platform to allow the more than 3.2 million scientists who visit Biocompare each year to consume content in a much more engaging environment. This fully supports Biocompare’s mission to educate scientists in the latest technology while providing the tool provider community a unique and novel way to engage with our audience,” says Joan Boyce, VP & GM of Biocompare.

Previous Future Labs have focused on other integral topics in life science research including Functional Genomic Screening, Automated Sample Prep, Antibody Therapeutics, Genetic Analysis, Live Cell Imaging, Protein Production, Immunodetection, Cell Culture, Liquid Handling, Flow Cytometry, and Biopharmaceutical Analysis.

“Over the last few years we have increased our focus on next generation sequencing (NGS), building our understanding of the techniques and solutions linked with this technology, expanding our portfolio, and developing the technical expertise in our team so we are well-placed to support customers with their NGS workflows,” Gabriel Fernandez de Pierola, General Manager Genomics and Diagnostic Solutions, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, explains. “Sponsoring the Future Lab gives us an opportunity to share the knowledge and insights we have developed so far and continue to learn about the latest trends in this rapidly changing area.”

“Next generation sequencing has become an essential tool in accelerating disease research, clinical diagnostics, and development of targeted therapies,” adds Andrew Gane, Product Strategy and Technology Manager. “With the technologies that are available now, it is possible to sequence a whole genome in a day. This gives us the opportunity to delve into really what makes cells work and enable therapies to be better tailored and personalized. We are advancing the simplification and accessibility of these NGS technologies for day-to-day research, clinical diagnostics, and much more and are proud to be associated with the Future Lab initiative and its objective of keeping scientists informed of the latest innovations and breakthroughs.”

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Future Lab: Trends in Next-Gen Sequencing

Future Lab: Trends in Next-Gen Sequencing

Next generation sequencing has become an essential tool in accelerating disease research, clinical diagnostics, and development of targeted therapies