David Kwajewski Appointed Vice President of Sales of Excellims

Excellims focuses its business in Pharmaceutical Process Analytical Technology and in-situ analysis of chemicals and biologics for the life science sector

Excellims Corporation (Excellims), a leading provider of high performance ion mobility spectrometers (HPIMS) / mass spectrometry (MS), announced that the Company has appointed Mr. David Kwajewski as Vice President of Sales. David will directly report to Dr. Ching Wu, CEO of Excellims as the company looks expand their core technology into critical pharmaceutical testing areas.

“Dave has a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical analytical instrument business and has been a customer-oriented problem solver throughout his career” said Dr. Wu, “I have known Dave for over 10 years through past projects. We are excited to have Dave join the Excellims team”. “I am joining Excellims in order to drive the awareness of this disruptive technology throughout the global pharmaceutical community. The time has come for the industry to made aware of the potential of ion mobility instruments to streamline analytical support of critical manufacturing processes.” said Kwajewski.

Excellims offers HPIMS systems that deliver effective solutions for pharmaceutical cleaning verification. With recently innovative hardware improvements and the completion of a 21CFR part 11 compliant software package, Excellims is uniquely positioned to provide this unique solution for pharmaceutical process analysis. In addition, Excellims has recently developed the world’s first compact ion mobility mass spectrometer that clearly demonstrates superior analytical performance as compared to previous commercial, miniaturized, mass spectrometry systems.

David Kwajewski worked at Pion Inc. from 2013 to 2019 as Vice President of Sales and Business Development where he led the dramatic growth of the business serving the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to Pion Mr. Kwajewski also worked at several sales and sales management positions including Gerstel, Pioneer Analytical, ThalesNano Inc., and Distek Inc.

Excellims Corporation, Acton, Massachusetts, USA, is a world leader in ion mobility spectrometry technology. Excellims offers high performance ion mobility spectrometry products for on-site and laboratory measurement of chemicals and biologics. Customers in universities, and private industries, and government labs worldwide use Excellims products for rapid chemical identification or as a new dimension separation technique for mass spectrometers and chromatography. Excellims’ HPIMS provides unique solutions in chemical separation and analysis that are otherwise not possible. For additional information, please visit http://www.excellims.com.

Excellims’ most recent GA2200 system for pharmaceutical process analysis with fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant software package

to drive the awareness of this disruptive technology throughout the global pharmaceutical community