Nanoscience Instruments Presents a webinar on “Next Generation Nanofibers for Air Filtration”

Learn about advanced nanofiber production with disruptive technologies during a free online webinar.

Nanoscience Instruments presents precision nanofiber electrospinning with the Fluidnatek & fast analysis with the Phenom desktop SEM during a free online webinar May 12th, 2020.

As the demand for air filtration materials has increased globally, especially in the wake of an aerosol-based global pandemic, alternative sources of filter fibers are now an area of significant focus. Electrospun nanofiber filters represent a promising candidate due to the enhanced fine particle removal, versatile fiber functionalization, and ease of filter regeneration. However, to realize these properties, proper control over environmental conditions during electrospinning tethered to efficient and reliable methods for analyzing fiber structural properties are imperative.

We invite you to join application scientist James Stanfill from Nanoscience Instruments as he presents how the Fluidnatek electrospinning system and the Phenom desktop SEM offer the ultimate combined toolset for scaled production and structural analysis, respectively, of next-generation nanofiber-based air filtration materials.

In this webinar we will detail: 

  • Advantages of nanofibers for air filtration
  • “Perfect Nanofibers Every Time” with the Environmental Control Unit
  • Automated fiber and pore size analysis with the Phenom desktop SEM

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