Infrasense Evaluates Section of Composite Pavement Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on Interstate in Norfolk, VA

This summer, Infrasense conducted a ground penetrating radar survey on all lanes, shoulders, and ramps along Interstate I-564 in Norfolk, VA. The project provided the client with comprehensive data on the pavement structure including the thickness of the various pavement layers, and distinguishing sections of composite pavement and full depth asphalt pavement.

Infrasense conducted a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey and report for 3 miles of Interstate-564, in Norfolk, Virginia. The scope of the survey coverage included 10 lanes, 3 shoulders, and 6 adjoining ramps. All data points were tied into GPS coordinates. The survey was conducted at driving speed with no closures, no disruption to traffic, and zero impact to the integrity of the pavement.

The GPR data collection system included a single 1 GHz horn antenna and a SIR 30 control unit, both manufactured by GSSI in the United States. The project provided the client with pavement layer thicknesses reported at a 5-foot interval with accompanying cross-sectional plots for each lane, shoulder and prescribed ramp on the Interstate. The final report included a statistical summary of the asphalt and concrete layer thicknesses.

GPR layer thickness results are typically compared to core measurements and found to be within 10% on average. The GPR results provide continuous pavement thickness information and with confirmation of core data, provide the client with a comprehensive and accurate picture of the pavement structure.

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