National Workshop on Fly Ash and Environment Management, Successfully Concluded Under the Guidance of MP Environment Minister Sajjan Singh Verma

Shri Sajjan Singh Verma (Minister for Public Works and Environment – M.P.) initiated and guided a one-day workshop on Fly Ash and Environment Management in Singrauli, M.P., according to VCare4Environment, an active environmentalists’ group in M.P.

The basic idea behind conducting this one-day workshop in Singrauli was to assess the current environmental situation and find out the best suitable solution by involving fly ash producers in the region, environmentalists and researchers.

The workshop helped senior scientists, environmentalists and researchers to share their knowledge and insightful views on the management of fly ash. Through a series of constructive lectures and panel discussions; they discussed a wide range of techniques for the proper disposal, promotion and utilization of fly ash being generated by thermal power plants in Singrauli. Please note that Singrauli has the highest concentration of thermal power plants in the country.

The objective of this workshop was to: 

  • Address the problem of fly ash
  • Promote its use
  • Spread awareness among construction companies

Distinguished Guests and Speakers: 
Some of the distinguished guests and speakers include Shri. H.K. Sharma – Director, M.P. Pollution Control Board, Bhopal, Mr. Vimal Kumar – Secretary General, C-Farm, Shri. Prashant – Principal Scientist, CSIR, CIMFR, Dhanbad, Dr. Dinesh Goyal – Former E.D., STEP, Thapar University, Patiala (Punjab), Shri. U.K. Guru Vitthal – Chief Scientist, CSIR, CRRI, New Delhi, Dr. S. Murli – Principal Scientist, CSIR, AMPRI, Bhopal, among others.

In addition, the workshop witnessed the participation of various other business leaders, fly ash producers, government agencies, scientists as well as renowned environmentalists. The entire event presented potential possibilities of utilizing fly ash.

This initiative by Minister Verma hopes to not only bring a positive change, but also help local people as well as neighboring communities to live in a better, safer and a cleaner place, in the times to come.

There was also a buzz observed on social media with the hashtag #UnFlyAsh, around the event, to spread the awareness of the management and disposal of fly ash and appeal to people to undo the damage caused by fly ash in the area, through the years.