INT’s GeoToolKit.JS 2020 Makes It Easier to Deliver Advanced Domain Visualization for Cloud Subsurface Digital Applications

The leading-edge Oil & Gas data visualization toolkit expanded significantly its capabilities in Well Log, Seismic 2D, Schematic, support for ES6, maps, and multiwell correlation.

INT is pleased to announce a significant release of GeoToolkit.JS. Now with improved support for with Angular, React, and VUE frameworks, GeoToolkit.JS 2020 empowers developers with more options to build the most advanced visualization applications for the oil and gas industry.

“For this release, we prioritized improvements that would make a significant difference in providing more options and performance for visualizing datasets in the cloud. We focused on seismic and well log 2D/3D displays in critical G&G applications that our customers are porting from desktop to web,” said Dr. Olivier Lhemann, President of INT. “This release is a reflection of our dedication to addressing our clients’ needs and supporting their digital transformation efforts.”

GeoToolkit.JS 2020 features enhanced well correlation that allows users to easily visualize thousands of wells simultaneously. GeoToolkit is designed to be fast — decimating data selectively to keep performance light and nimble, but with enough LOD to allow geoscientists and project managers to gather insights quickly and accurately.


  • Improved ArcGIS Support — New API support for ArcGIS servers adds query/identify/legend capabilities.
  • Faster Load Times — Support of new syntaxes for ES6 harmony modules reduces final bundle size for faster loading.
  • New Interactive Tools — New elastic zoom and scroll tool, infinite horizontal scroll, UI zoom control, DOM tool, and more.
  • Multilateral Schematics — New widget allows you to visualize multilateral deviated wells.
  • New Gridding Algorithms — GeoToolkit.JS 2020 now offers Kriging and ThinPlate algorithms.
  • Improved Memory for Volumetric Rendering — Added option to display cloud points for irregular data of volumetric rendering.

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About INT: 
INT is a software provider of Data Visualization solutions and platforms used in highly complex domains such as Oil & Gas, Geoscience, and more. INT software uses the latest technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript to enable cloud-enabled and mobile-responsive solutions in E&P.

GeoToolkit.JS is a suite of data visualization libraries built for mobile-responsive application in JavaScript. GeoToolkit includes more generic components such as Time Series, Gauges, Histograms, and Widgets, as well as very complicated visualizations in E&P, including Contour, Seismic, WellLog, Well Schematic, 2D and 3D Seismic, and WellLogs. Developers take advantage of GeoToolkit’s high-performance graphics capabilities and the simplicity of the JavaScript language to rapidly deploy sophisticated data visualization and analysis technology for Geoscience, Exploration, Drilling and/or Production applications.


For 30 years, INT visualization libraries, widgets, and frameworks have been used by the leaders in G&G, Oil Exploration, and Production, such as Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Halliburton, Paradigm, Baker Hughes, a GE company, etc., to empower best-in-class business applications for seismic, geosciences, well intelligence, drilling ops, and utilities.

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For this release, we prioritized improvements that would make a significant difference in providing more options and performance for visualizing datasets in the cloud.