SVHI PRP Therapy Announces New Website Focused on PRP for Hair Loss in the San Francisco Bay Area

SVHI PRP Therapy offers innovative ‘platelet rich plasma’ therapy focused on hair loss at its Foster City, California, office. The company is announcing a new website.

SHVI PRP Therapy, the leader in innovative hair loss treatments based on PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) at, is proud to announce a new website. The new website is a “microsite,” focused specifically at the use of PRP to mitigate hair loss. Many Bay Area consumers are open to cutting edge technologies, and PRP is one option in their hair loss journey.

“PRP therapy for hair loss is an innovative option for many Bay Area patients,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon and founder of SVHI PRP therapy. “Even more important, a patient who seeks out a consultation with me on hair loss will be able to review the entire range of options from PRP therapy to hair loss to hair transplantation. I will work with each patient to create the best treatment program for their hair loss needs.”

Persons who would like to learn more about the company can visit the new website. In particular, they can focus on the page specific to PRP therapy can visit Another option is to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document at That document explains as follows. Hair thinning in women, which affects nearly 40 million American women, is mainly due to heredity and can start any time after puberty. However, we also know that female pattern hair loss can be strongly influenced by age, nutrition, stress, surgery, medications, illness, social/lifestyle factors, hair care and more. As hair follicles weaken and stop producing hair, hair loss occurs. 
Remarkably, PRP for hair loss can impact the hair itself, often resulting in hair rejuvenation.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss is an in-office, non-surgical, treatment derived from the patient’s own blood that can be performed in about an hour. After the area of concern is identified, evaluated and measured, standardized medical photos are taken in the photo suite. Special gentle and sterile techniques and equipment are used to separate and concentrate the platelets and plasma from a small sample of peripheral blood. PRP contains growth factors and cytokines that have been shown to be responsible for stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function. The scalp is prepared with antiseptic solution and anesthetic (a “ring block,” not simply local anesthetic gel) is used to completely numb the scalp. Small injections of the PRP deliver the powerful platelet-derived growth factors into the skin at the level of the weak follicles. Electronic, mechanical microneedling is performed.


SVHI PRP Therapy is a Bay Area company based in Foster City, California, that offers PRP for hair loss to clients from San Francisco to San Mateo, Palo Alto to Redwood City, Redwood City to Burlingame and beyond. Clients who are suffering from hair loss and are seeking innovative therapy come to SVHI PRP Therapy to explore their options, including PRP therapy for hair loss. The company offers a no obligation consultation on hair loss with Dr. Miguel Canales, a recognized specialist in the hair loss industry including hair transplantation.

SVHI PRP Therapy offers innovative 'platelet rich plasma' therapy focused on hair loss at its Foster City, California

PRP for Hair Loss Bay Area


PRP therapy for hair loss is an innovative option for many Bay Area patients.