M24you and axiVEND Announce an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for The Americas

axiVEND, a newly established value-added solution provider for the biochip and biosensor industries, announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with M24You GmbH, to distribute the M2-Automation product line in North and South America markets. The products provide the capability to deposit very small amounts of biologicals and chemicals onto sensor surfaces. This can consist of producing microarrays, loading sensing pads on silicon biochips, or producing multiplex diagnostics consumables, as examples.

“M2-Automation systems have long been recognized by many as the best engineered and most flexible system for the ultra-low volume high precision liquid dispensing systems on the market,” said Ron Wolbert, M24You CEO. “However, until recently, that reputation was spread mainly via word-of-mouth from happy and fulfilled customers. A few years ago, we stepped up our marketing and sales activities, first in Europe, and then in Asia. We are excited to now further extend our commercial activities into the Americas.”

“Not only do M2 systems represent the most flexible offering in the low volume precision dispensing market, the philosophy of M2 management is well aligned with ours,” said Claude Dufresne, axiVEND CEO. “We will not sell a system unless we feel that it is a good fit for our customer’s needs. It is imperative to have completely satisfied customers.” See us next week in Anaheim CA at AACC Booth 1496.

About M24You and M2-Automation 
M24You GmbH has been established in August 2015 in Berlin by the German company M2-Automation and the Austrian company Lauden Holding GmbH. The aim of this connection is to support customers with Low Volume Liquid Handling Technology, especially in the field of Microarrays, Microfluidics, Biosensors, Biochips and In Vitro Diagnostics. M24You combines know-how and experience of M2-Automation, which is the leading producer of micro-dispensing instruments with the long-term expertise of Lauden Holding in serving life science and industrial customers. This partnership enables providing our customers with the very best spotting technology for various applications. For additional information please visit http://www.m24you.com.

About axiVEND 
While newly founded in 2019, axiVEND is built on the concept of truth in vending. From the Greek “axios” for truthfulness, axiVEND promises to provide the very best solutions, with proven field performance, to the worlds of diagnostics and multiplex assays in general. Leveraging an expanded network throughout North and South America, axiVEND will soon be positively impacting life science industries in general. The early axiVEND portfolio encompasses best-in-class M2-Automation ultra-low volume high-precision liquid deposition technologies, the latest offerings in colorimetric and fluorescence multiplex array readers, unique high-performance surface coatings for superior protein functional activity, and the next generation label-free multiplex reader. For additional information please visit the axiVEND website at http://www.axivend.com, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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It is imperative to have completely satisfied customers.