Parallex BioAssays and axiVEND Announce a Distribution Agreement for The Americas

axiVEND, a newly established value-added solution provider, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Parallex BioAssays, to distribute the SnapChip, aka Chip2Chip technology, a multiplex assay platform with no detection cross-reactivity problems, for North and South America markets

The SnapChip is a simple approach to multiplexing that eliminates non-specific cross reactivity readouts during the detection step of a sandwich ELISA. Eliminating the cross-reaction problem of multiplex ELISAs can bring about significant time savings in the early development of a multiplex test. The platform is suitable to reliably assess a number of proteins without the added noise from non-selective detection reagents.

“This cross-reaction-free platform offers high quality results while permitting rapid, flexible and customized multiplexed immunoassay development that will help accelerate academic and industrial research,” said Sebastien Bergeron, Parallex CEO. “We are excited about our collaboration with axiVEND whose wide network will help realize the best development potential for our innovative platform.”

“Beyond the SnapChip’s innovative solution to multiplex assay development, axiVEND’s synergistic portfolio promises to bring about a full solution to assay developers,” said Claude Dufresne, axiVEND CEO. “We provide the full range of equipment needed to perform this development in-house, or as a service, and still enable you to perform your assays in your lab. Combining the SnapChip platform with optimal immobilization, spotting and reader offerings will make the approach excel in providing timely and superior multiplex assay results.”

About Parallex BioAssays 
Parallex BioAssays was founded in 2015 in Montréal, Canada, with a mission to offer innovative and customizable solutions to accelerate academic and industrial research. Parallex has developed a new microarray format called the SnapChipTM, that has made it possible for researchers to eliminate the cross-reaction issues inherent to multiplexed immunoassays. This patented technology provides them with physically isolated micro-assays that can be combined in a single and highly customizable chip without any compromise on the quality of the results. Also, this unique multiparametric chip platform measures post-translational modifications, protein isoforms and can also include binding partners. It is performed on standard planar arrays, representing an attractive solution for scientists to accelerate their research without investing in expensive equipment. For additional information please visit the Parallex website at

About axiVEND 
While newly founded in 2019, axiVEND is built on the concept of truth in vending. From the Greek “axios” for truthfulness, axiVEND promises to provide the very best solutions, with proven field performance, to the worlds of diagnostics and multiplex assays in general. Leveraging an expanded network throughout North and South America, axiVEND will soon be positively impacting life science industries in general. The early axiVEND portfolio encompasses best-in-class M2 Automation ultra-low volume high-precision liquid deposition technologies, the latest offerings in colorimetric and fluorescence multiplex array readers, unique high-performance surface coatings for superior protein functional activity, and the next generation label-free multiplex reader. For additional information please visit the axiVEND website at, and follow us on LinkedIn.


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Beyond the SnapChip’s innovative solution to multiplex assay development, axiVEND’s synergistic portfolio promises to bring about a full solution to ELISA assay developers