Perseverance pays off for Shalini to become a lawyer

by Ric V. Obedencio

She worked hard for her aspirations, which was to become a doctor of medicine, but ended up a lawyer or maybe someday a juris doctor.

“I never dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I wanted to become a doctor but God’s plans are way better than mine. I wanted to become a doctor to help people but Med School was too expensive for us. So, I entered law school thinking that instead of being a doctor, I’d be a Juris Doctor and I can still help a lot of people through lawyering (that time I thought AdZU law offers a JD program),” Shalini Kristy Sanchez Dalis bluntly pointed out.

Now everybody calls her Atty. After passing the 2019 bar.

She attended Ateneo de Zamboanga University – College of Law (Class of 2019), probably one of the sought-after schools of the Ateneos, like Ateneo de Manila Aniversity, Ateneo de Davao University and Ateneo de Cagayan, now Xavier University in Cagayn de Oro City.

She was once worked as Asst. Relationship Manager at United Coconut Planters Bank and enjoyed her work even she has to struggle to survive, even selling snacks and having store just to earn since family finances is very hard.

“Talking about God handling my finances, I sold some snacks in law school! Hahaha When our college transferred to another building, going to the cafeteria will steal our precious little time to prepare for class. I then grabbed the God-given opportunity to earn some extra income by having an honesty store in law school, which was allowed by our Dean!”

Shalini thanked God for her achievement, but not without gratitude her father, Eric B. Dalis and mom, Christine Tinette Sanchez Dalis.


She grew up with her siblings: Vincent Paul, Joseph Ezra, Karen Cate, Angelica May and Joseph Mikael.

In an exclusive interview with BNT, she fielded these answers:

Do you think perseverance pays off?
“I absolutely do. Being a full-time banker and a full-time law student is tough but I have realized that I wanted to become a lawyer so I never gave up.”

Who are your idols you draw you strength and courage from?
“I remember putting up a small note on my happy board while I was reviewing for the bar that says “For the Lord and my family, let’s do this!” I got my strength and courage from the Lord. He is and will always be the source of my strength. I will never accomplish this milestone if not because of God and the unending love and support of my family.”

Did you expect to pass the bar?
“I really can’t say that I did. To be honest, I wasn’t too confident and I was scared about the thought of taking the bar exams but I believed that God will always help me. My constant prayer throughout this journey was this, “Lord, if You will, You can make me a lawyer!” I wanted to pass the bar and become a lawyer but I also relied on His will. I may have my desires but God’s will always prevails.”

What’s you plan in the future, like help those who need it most?
“If there’s an opportunity to become a PAO lawyer, I will surely grab it. I have professors who are PAO Lawyers and I admire how they tirelessly help those who cannot afford the services of a lawyer. I also plan to teach in law school if given the chance, and conduct legal outreach programs in communities to help people know and understand their rights under the law.”

With her feat, her mother had this to say to her: “To our Attorney, you have proved that dedication, perseverance and complete surrender and unwavering faith to God will result an amazing outcome..
Our family have been through a lot early this year.. When we were being ripped off with everything we had and almost had nothing left. It was then we knew that God is enough. Because we let our lives to be HIS masterpieces radiating his love and for HIS holy name to be magnified and glorified.”

“Thank you for making us proud and giving honor to our family.. We love you dearly.. You will always be blessed.”

Of course she thanked God for her achievement. “This one is for God! To proclaim how awesome He is and how He has made my Bar Story wonderful. The Lord is faithful and He is always true to His promises! Kanang, mao diay ni akong entry sa essay writing contest pero di lang tanan kay naa pay paspeech puhon ug wa nay pandemic.”

Tragedy struck the family when their house went to smoke lately but her resolve continues to emit the fire of determination.

“Finally, a few days before my birthday this year, our house got burned and we lost everything. I was the last person to leave that burning house after taking out all our dogs. The only thought that came to my mind was “Ma ugdaw jud ni ang balay.” Then it dawned on me that my law materials, and my laptop that helped me with law school are still inside that burning house.”

All gone in smoke but her faith keeps her going, saying “I wasn’t too confident and I was scared about the thought of taking the bar exams. But God said that we can do this and I trusted Him with all my heart.”

Also, one of the weapons she wielded until she passed the bar is prayer. She said never failed to ask God for help and God indeed is so kind to her for what she achieved.

Here’s her unsolicited advice: “To all working students, you can do it! God sees your situation! If it’s too hard to bear, cry it out to God. Crying, praying, and singing were my outlets and it helped me every time! To those who constantly prayed for me and who believed in me, I appreciate you all! May Jesus bless you. (rvo)