Trial and Error Over OFWs Homecoming


The homecoming of fellow Boholano Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are considered the modern heroes contributing some P20 billion annually to the province economy has created too much fuss over a lot of things from their accommodation/handling, opposition of their return home to worries of the populace.

Angelo Christian, one of the returning 48 OFWs second batch billeted at Crab House hotel in the city, has complained in his facebook post in what he described as ‘trial and error’ thing.

He said, “Kami ang TRIAL ug ako maingun ERROR!” (We are the trial and maybe I am the error).

In what appeared to be his frustration over the accommodation, Angelo Christian, who is said to be a resident of Panglao town, described the accommodation at the Crabhouse this way: “Among Facility under renovation pa, Abog kaau sakit sa ilong makasip.on wa man tale ni limpyohe, ang linen abog ug hugaw, ang cr wala limpyohe naa pay sabon gi molds ug shampoo sa cr. Makita ninyu. Makasaway gyud ko kay sa barko, tag isa me sa cabin, sa hotel isa gehapon. Ang among foam naa ra gelatag sa salog, igang pa kaau nya. Naa me katungod kay naa may budget unta nya naa pud me natabang bisan gamay! Dle man ni quarantine mura mig baboy naa sa tangkal kay 5 me sa isa ka kwarto ug ang usa naay sakit matakdan me tanan.”

However, he expressed thanks to the government for receiving them. “Dako kog pasalamat sa gobyerno sa Bohol nga gidawat me pro sa among kahimtang run agwanta nalang me.”

And he also asked apology for complaining.

Some say he is ungrateful.


He is under ‘social media mob,” according to Jordan Carnice, as if coming to his defense, said in his fb post.

Instead of ironing out kinks on the lapses of accommodation provided by the government, some netizens, including officials, took to facebook, unjustly lambasted Angelo Christian.

Dauis town Mayor Marietta Tocmo SUmaylo, in her fb post, said “Argeo Christian isa ra ako ikasult nimo. Way nidawat nga hotel or private facilitu ninyo. Pasalamat mo nga naay duha nga nisakripisyo para mo di mabutang sa Cultural Center. Kahibawo ba ka nagprotesta ang mga tawo para di mo Ipadawat? Ug kahibawo ba ka nga hangtud kron kn naa pay sunod ninyo wa pa mabutangan tungod sa way mosogot? In fairness sa gobyerno naningkamot, gidawat tanan nga batikos para lang mo moabot dinhe. Kn gusto ka mubalik sa Cebu akoy moplete nimo balik sa Cebu.”

One of his companions by the name of Leseoj Oderc (apparently an opposite of Joesel Credo) said, “Good day sa tanang taga bohol..?i just want to speak out regarding ds person na nag post sa social media og nag trending karon?. Im one of thus but im not like posting ds not just to clean my side but to let you know dat not all is dsame..pati kami nadamay.”

“Sa tanan nga favor ani na guy i dont tel u na la tay katungod mo complain ha…we all do have a rights to complain but do it in a proper way ky ur xposing all d seaferers in social media, he said, even as expressed thanks for ‘accepting” them to the province.

Jordan Carnice in his post, said “You can sense the person’s exhaustion from his post. It is written in a way that is pointed, discouraging. Some things are said in jest that shouldn’t have been said. But for someone who has been through the whole mess that is our “system of tackling this pandemic”, his frustration is understandable.”

“What is not understandable is the growing amount of hate he has been receiving, especially from fellow Bol-anons. This is very unfortunate, very hard to understand. If we can just calm down, we all know he has every right to voice out his problems, and that there is no need to label him as “ungrateful” or any ad hominem you can think of, because at the end of the day his concerns are valid. They are not made up. They are not opinions. They are facts. Valid,” he said.

It’s also a trial for the provincial government leadership to prepare for the homecoming of fellow Boholanos.

Earlier, Gov. Arthur C. Yap admitted that Bohol is not prepared considering the lack of medical equipment like ventilators and supplies and personnel protective equipment (PPEs), among others.

And some sectors, like the Bohol Medical Society and the Liga ng mga Barangay and some towns, are opposed to their return home.

But the governor and the Technical Working Group can’t do otherwise. The Inter-Agency Task Force of the national government has directed the local government units (LGUs) to receive the returning OFWs who were affected or laid off from job due to the virus pandemic. (rvo)