Prepare for Covid-19 Vaccine

Chair, Special Committee on Senior Citizens
Author, HB05717 – An Act To Amend Ra 10868,  Otherwise Known As The Centenarians Act Of 2016 And For Other Purpose
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Senior Citizen Party-list Congressman Francisco Datol has urged the IATF to create a technical working group that will “draw up the national action plan for vaccination against COVID-19 of every Filipino, every OFW, every visitor from other countries, and every foreign national residing in our country.”
“Daig ng maagap ang masipag. While scientists develop the vaccines, the prudent course of action for us now is to prepare for how to systematically vaccinate every person who must be vaccinated, anticipating every possible protocol for the types of vaccine which may be developed,” Datol stressed.
“Pwede kasing ang ma-develop na anti-COVID-19 vaccine ay para lamang sa mga nagka-COVID-19 na to prevent re-infection, o pwede ring ang ma-develop na bakuna ay para sa ating lahat na hindi pa kailanman tinamaan ng COVID-19. Basta anuman ang maging protocol, dapat handa ang ating pamahaalang bakunahan ang dapat mabakunahan. Careful planning takes time, so there must be a TWG  drawing up the action plan this early,” the congressman explained.
Clinical trials are underway under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Philippines is participating in the so-called “Solidarity Trials” to determine which of the possible treatments work on patients already with COVID-19.
“Delaying the preparatory work on this will add to our country’s vulnerability to COVID-19. There must be action now,” Datol emphasized.
I am suggesting to the DOH and IATF that they prioritize senior citizens in the national vaccination program for COVID-19, considering that seniors are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. There should be vaccines which seniors can absorb at their advanced age and state of health because we want them to live longer.
Countries and scientists around the world are racing to develop COVID-19 vaccines. Researchers have identified at least six variants of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
“The science about vaccines should be explained in understandable and reassuring ways to our citizens. The explaining must be done not only in English and Filipino, but also in all the languages spoken in our country,” Datol pointed out.
Datol also said the DOH and IATF “must cast aside any lingering fears because of the misadministration of the dengue vaccine. I also ask all the controversial figures involved in the Dengvaxia scare to please inhibit from muddling the COVID-19 vaccination program. I urge restraint.”
“Vaccination is a life-saving necessity. It is the only way to protect every person from COVID-19 and from all the other diseases for which there already are vaccines. The goal must be 100 percent vaccination. Failure to achieve 100 percent vaccination is not an option. (END)