The Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD) Takes Off

The Center has engaged with leading industry organizations to launch a pilot project focused on data from the Atlas of Formability.

The Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD) is proud to announce the commitment of three leading organizations to the Center’s inaugural Industry Member class: Pratt & Whitney, as the Founding Industry Member, with MTS Systems Corporationand Weber Metals. This commitment, operating to solidify its formation, has allowed CMPD to green light a pilot project focused on material flow behavior as a function of temperature, strain rate, composition, and prior microstructure processing.

The Center’s pilot project will build on the flow stress data available in the Atlas of Formability by generating rich sets of complementary transient materials data for several common industry alloys. These data can be used to establish mathematical relationships that describe materials behavior as a function of processing parameters. Such equations are useful for process design and optimization, ICME modeling, uncertainty quantification, and new material innovation.

A consortium of key academic and industry organizations, CMPD is dedicated to the stewardship of materials data for modeling of material and process design via computational materials engineering. The cooperation of University and Industry Members alleviates burdens of materials data sourcing—these data are imperative to have, yet often transient and difficult to find, for use in accurate ICME models.

CMPD also solves the pitfalls of traditional consortia by utilizing ASM International’s established practices of effectively cultivating and disseminating data to researchers and consumers. As a result, Membership Organizations have access to greater amounts of high-quality, pre-competitive data than individuals can generate alone, through the Center’s shared expertise, collaborative quality assurance, and development and use of best practices for verifying and managing materials data needed for process modeling.

More About CMPD 
CMPD is founded by academic members from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), University of Connecticut (UConn), and the Research Foundation for the State University of New York on behalf of the University at Buffalo (RF), with ASM International, a non-profit materials science and engineering society. Lesley D. Frame PhD, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Institute of Materials Science UConn, will act as the Center Director of CMPD. William Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer of ASM International, will act as the Business Administrator of CMPD.

CMPD is actively seeking additional Industry Members to support the aspirations of the pilot project and future projects selected by the industry-driven Project Selection Committee. For more information about the business terms of joining CMPD, please contact Nate Bulcroft of ASM, [email protected] or call 440.338.5408.

For more information on the technical terms and project opportunities of CMPD, please contact Lesley Frame of UConn, [email protected] or call 203.903.6606.