Trauma Insight Announces Partnership with Cytonus Therapeutics, Inc.

Trauma Insight, the San Antonio-based contract research organization that partners with the U.S. Government and national security to support biotech companies that are developing medical technologies relevant to government priorities which will also benefit all of humanity, is honored to announce it has teamed with Cytonus Therapeutics, Inc. to accelerate development and deployment of its Cargocyte-based therapeutics to address the urgent need to curb the mortality and morbidity rates of COVID-19 patients.

The federal government has called upon Cytonus Therapeutics to rapidly develop its proprietary acute care treatment for the respiratory failure caused by COVID-19. Answering this call, Cytonus and Trauma Insight have partnered and submitted a solution to the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium. Cytonus Therapeutics’ platform of Cargocyte™ biomolecular delivery transporters has been demonstrated to be the most versatile platform to deliver therapeutic payloads specifically to targeted tissue, including the difficult-to-reach respiratory tissue in the lungs, in a safe and controllable manner. The Cargocyte platform is highly differentiated from all other known biologic devices for its safety profile, biodistribution, and specific homing efficiency. Cytonus plans to leverage the multiple functional and manufacturing advantages of its Cargocyte™ platform to address the need for a COVID-19 therapeutic that will reverse the mortality and morbidity growth rates of this pandemic. Cytonus plans to partner with Trauma Insights to help accelerate its Covid-19 therapeutic program through development, regulatory approval, and deployment.

“Partnering with Cytonus is an honor. Our past experience and success of developing medical technologies within the US military is directly applicable to this pandemic. In addition, Trauma Insight is helping our clients navigate the federal government and its funding sources with such agencies such as Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC) and the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), in order to meet their commercialization goals,” commented Dan Hargrove, President of Trauma Insight. “Trauma Insight is bringing to this fight years of experience working within the Government in the clinical trials setting to develop vaccines that can address this pandemic.”

Cytonus’ Founder and CEO Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, MD commented, “Our data conclusively shows the ability of Cargocytes™ to specifically home to inflammatory tissues, retain themselves in the targeted lung tissue, and produce high levels of IL-10, a known anti-inflammatory cytokine, for 3-5 days in a safe, controllable and predictable manner. As a therapeutic, we expect IL-10 to start having effect within hours, and dramatically reverse the acute inflammatory conditions of the lung caused by Covid-19 infection, which will help to save ICU patients trending toward death as well as help recovering patients by minimizing the long-term sequalae (Pulmonary Fibrosis) that has been demonstrated in patients with COVID-19. Limiting the lung damage associated with COVID-19 associated pneumonia is critical to reduce the mortality and morbidity caused by this infection.”

“Cytonus will benefit from Trauma Insight’s vast experience in working with the federal government in accelerating medical technologies to save human lives,” commented Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar. “Trauma Insight’s ability to design and execute clinical trials is superb. Working together with Trauma Insight to address this pandemic is an honor. Our shared goal is to find prompt relief for every patient who is suffering from COVID-19 by limiting the lung damage caused by the COVID-19 infection.”


About Trauma Insight


Trauma Insight is a clinical contract research organization (CRO) that tests and validates novel medical technologies for the health of service members, veterans, and civilians in the ER, OR, and on the battlefield. It does so through bridging the gap between the US Government and commercial partners to efficiently bring new medical technologies to the world market. Trauma Insight’s deep history and relationships with the federal government equips it with specialized capabilities and skills to address the ever-evolving landscape associated with the novel COVID-19 virus. 

About Cytonus Therapeutics Inc.

Cytonus Therapeutics Inc. is a San Diego-based biotech company that has developed a vast platform of proprietary immunotherapeutic products to treat a wide range of medical conditions including infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, cancers, and cognitive disorders, and to improve patient outcomes. Its proprietary Cargocyte™ technologies are next-generation biomolecular delivery devices which have numerous medical applications across unmet therapeutic areas. Cargocytes™ are engineered to safely transport a multiplicity of therapeutic payloads into difficult-to-reach targeted tissues, and can be programmed to deliver selective, potent, and controllable “off-the-shelf” therapies. Cytonus’ vast platform of therapeutics and vaccines has the potential to improve the health and lives of people with life-threatening conditions. For more information, we invite you to visit the Cytonus website at Follow Cytonus on LinkedIn and Twitter at: @CytonusTx.

Partnering with Cytonus is an honor. Our past experience and success of developing medical technologies within the US military is directly applicable to this pandemic.