VDMbee delivers the “Workshop Leader” module of Continuous Business Model Planning (CBMP) as a set of self-training videos and related self-test questions

VDMbee introduces the Continuous Business Model Planning training suite. The first module for “Workshop Leader” is available now and provides you a quick start to create fact-based and data-driven Business Models and related plans. The Value Management Platform, used and explained in this training program, provides you the necessary insight into the value that your Business Models deliver.

VDMbee, the Value Management Platform, today announced the launch of the Continuous Business Model Planning training suite. The training provides deep understanding of how to productively use the VDMbee ground-breaking Value Management Platform.

The Workshop Leader is the main actor during the “Discover” stage of CBMP. The “Discover” stage of CBMP is also the “creativity” stage of it. “Discovery” is done best via a series of workshops, with Participants (stakeholders) involved, and facilitated by the Workshop Leader.

The “Workshop Leader” training offers the following to you:

  • Self-training with online videos
  • Self-assessment forms with feedback and explanation
  • Deep methodological understanding of CBMP in general, and its “Discover” stage in particular
  • Best-practice guidance to apply CBMP as a repeatable method
  • All-round and structured method to “discover”:

    >> how things in your business and ecosystem work, or may or should work 
    >> issues, and how to resolve them 
    >> ideas, and how to implement them 
    >> what information and facts matter in your context

VDML™-based Solution of VDMbee Delivers Real-time Strategy 
Speed and ability to adapt to changing market conditions and effectively set up new or revise existing products and services, have always been a significant challenge for business operations. However, when global events or new technologies arise or innovations accelerate, disrupting traditional industries, markets and supply chains, these challenges rush to the center stage.

A lot of experience and good results have been gained by continuous Improvement efforts and focus on Operational Excellence. However, in many instances those programs are stuck at the operational level or incremental improvement level.

The current emphasis for the profession needs to be on strategy, sustainable value creation for everyone and customer experience. Basically on applying similar continuous improvement techniques at the strategy level, where core innovation ideas and strategy are rationalized and new business models are introduced and/or existing ones are transformed. And this is exactly what VDMbee, with its Value Management Platform, supports, productively and based on a structured approach.


The Value Management Platform provides direct insight into core Business Networks and relationships (ecosystem), whilst exploring alternatives and new Value Propositions.

VDMbee Platform helps turning Value Delivery Insight into Strategy

The “Workshop Leader” training of VDMbee is general available on May 1, 2020. For more information about the Workshop Leader training visit our website using this link.

About VDML™ 
The Value Delivery Modeling Language™ (VDML™) is an Object Management Group® (OMG®) specification that provides business design models for managers that fill the gap between strategic planning and business operational design. OMG® is an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium.

About VDMbee 
VDMbee is the easiest digital innovation platform, helping business and IT teams to rapidly turn ideas into real-time strategy. Drive towards a better business outcome by creating new products and services that deliver value faster. With the VDMbee Value Management Platform, value management dashboards can be built for decision making about future direction. For more information see vdmbee.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Continuous Business Model Planning overview

Continuous Business Model Planning overview

Going through the workshop leader training I already gained a deeper understanding of the CBMP method and how the VDMbee platform supports it. There is a gap from strategic ideas to operational execution and the method seems to fill that void. (Björn Richerzhagen, CEO of MINAUTICS)