Enforme Announces the Launch of the “Enforme Association Incubator”

A robust package of software and services, with no upfront costs, specifically designed to power the launch of new associations.

Today, Enforme (http://www.enforme.com) announced the launch of the Enforme Association Incubator, a complete software and services package, right-sized for the needs of a new association. From web-presence to membership management to e-commerce, to management consulting, the Enforme Association Incubator delivers a fully integrated solution. It is, in the words of one partner organization, “an association in-a-box.”

For over twenty years, Enforme has had the privilege of serving some of the world’s most prominent and innovative professional associations. Together, we’ve worked to reimagine the ways in which associations create member value. We’ve done this through data-driven design, collaboration, and co-innovation.

Acknowledging that seed funding is often the biggest obstacle to launching a new association, Enforme offers the Association Incubator program with no upfront costs. Enforme is rolling out this service with a novel revenue sharing business model designed to align economic incentives and foster a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

These collaborations have given us a unique perspective on the most urgent strategic challenges facing professional associations. Our experience enables a unique understanding of associations, especially those that are making the difficult transition from concept to launch.

“There has never been a time of such rapid and profound change in business, science and medicine. New business and scholarly communities are being launched to nurture these exciting emerging disciplines,” said Carrie Delente, Co-Founder and COO of Enforme. “The Enforme Association Incubator program is specifically designed to meet their unique needs.”

The Enforme Association Incubator program is a flexible and complete software package, designed with the new association in mind. From web-presence to membership management to e-commerce, it is a fully integrated solution. This highly integrated program can enable a fledgling association to move from concept to go-live in as little as 6-10 weeks.

In addition to technical support at every step in the journey, Enforme also offers marketing, branding, business management and sales support. “While a robust online presence is an essential component of a new association, technology alone is insufficient,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Enforme. “Enforme provides the organizational and business support to ensure operational excellence.”


More on the Enforme Association Incubator program can be found at enforme.com.

About Enforme: 
Enforme, a well-established custom solutions provider for medical associations, was founded by Carrie Delente in 1997. Enforme’s award-winning team has provided non-profit associations with highly customized cutting-edge design, development, and technical best practices. From websites and apps to online learning, member management, and content delivery, Enforme provides essential services for professional associations across the globe.

Enforme Association Incubator

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